Who'll be president of the USA in 2024?

Simply "hating" America is not the main issue most people are having. E.g.

What Is A Nationalist In The Age Of Trump?

Are they going to want to ban the word 'nationalist' next?

Can you imagine any other country outside of the West where people writing stuff like that wouldn't be tarred and feathered? Okay, other countries are infested with leftists too but you see in an article like that the results of decades long bashing of nationalism (for white people).
I'd ask Thor there to define what he means by 'America' except he wouldn't be intelligent enough to understand the question. I saw various chucklehead Maga loudmouths recorded at Trump rallies screeching about the need to 'put America first' and no journalist seemed to have the nous to ask these people what they mean when they say 'America'.

'America' to them is a code word or symbol for 'me'.
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Jambo's apparent principles mean fuck all - they're just empty words, constructed to annoy, bore, and signify nothing at all.

This is clear given his complete lack of any interaction with said 'principles' in the real world.

He's a day-dreamer, he thinks using these words makes him appear cool.

Except they don't - because they're not his own.
Bro, why all the hate for America? Is it because Eurotrash hate our freedoms?

What happens if some jerk breaks into your house? You guys got no way to defend yourself.

Break into my house!?

Indeed, a rat when scared and cornered will attack you. And these ultra conservative republican rats exist in a perpetual state of fear and paranoia, deliberately stoked by their political propaganda.
Well he would do seeing as he is Putin's bitch.
I'm not sure about that.

I think he just says anything he thinks will resonate with the type of moron who would vote for him.

For one he knows these morons have been imbibing Russian propaganda to the extent that many of them now favour Russia over the West, many would relish seeing their government "punished" by Russia for its bad treatment of them.

He also knows these morons are at the bottom of society, and they typically have a deep pathological need to look down on others, see some "manners" put upon them, be punished for not "paying their way" etc.

Trump's moronic followers see themselves as the only victims worthy of being talked about, and they relish "punishment" of other competitors for the victimhood their whole political engagement revolves around.

Consider all of their talking points like LGBT people, immigrants, the "elites", the Covid pandemic, the climate change crisis, NATO, Trump losing the election, BLM, the "globohomo" world order conspiracy, hate speech laws, replacement theory, and so on.

It is always the same formula - that they are the victim in all these things.

So here Trump first makes his acolytes feel they are victims, in having as taxpayers to pay all the money, and do all the military work of NATO etc.

Then he suggests he will have their back in their sense of being victimised thus, by having any country "not paying their way" suffer the consequences.

It's always about getting the the votes from these morons.

As to his real attitude towards Putin, and NATO, well perhaps the following illustrates it better (although the exchange is still about money).

Consider one of the most powerful men in America at the moment is Tucker Carlson. He even makes Trump look like a genius. Truly as thick as dogshit. He would not be out of place on Arsefields.
His recent videos on the differences between downtown Moscow and uptown New York are hilarious.

The one in the metro/subway too: the Russian variation being magnificent, the architecture, the cleanliness, the sheer beauty and detail of the decor.

Then a few shots of the New York under/overgrown and the elevated line: they look like war zones.

But even up here in Helsinki you can ride the line and at one stop on the metro the station is brand spanking new, clean, sleek, modern. The next stop might not have renovated for several decades. They're nothing like the preceding one. But each one has its own beauty depending on your tastes. One thing you can be sure of is that the main downtown station Carlson visited is unique along that metro line: the rest are fucking rat-holes, vile places full of sleeping drunks and drug addicts. Totally unsafe for the unarmed person.

Selective items prepared like a dog's dinner and slapped up as fact.

It's all bollocks really.

You might have a few clean stations on the Dublin Red Line overground - but that doesn't mean you won't get stabbed there past darkness.

O'Connell Street, your main and national thoroughfare: walking with zombies, scum, and filth.

And then there's the junkies and homeless foreigners.

Compare like with like, otherwise you're talking bullshit.
Only Commies and Terrorists hate America

OP question enough question to answer. The President of the US in 2024 will be Joe Biden whatever happens in November. The inauguration of a new President doesn't happen until January 2025. Dopey cunt. A president isn't the president until sworn in on January 20th.

Jesus christ. The stupid.
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