Sir Jeffrey Donaldson: Sex Crimes


We note that the Irish papers have as yet refused to mention the capacity in which he's been arrested, but the English papers are all over it already.

Here's another angle:

The Irish Robinson scandal definitely comes to mind here after she was caught out both having an intimate affair with a young man and having redirected party funds into his account which he subsequently pumped into his restaurant before the pair of them were caught out. If anything, it'll be interesting to see how the Irish media handle this in contrast to how the British media will.

Of course, it's unclear as to what the exact nature of Donaldson's sex crimes were: pedophilia, under-age factors, homo/hetero orientation, etc.

But with a long weekend of Easter ahead, he's got a small window of time to play with: this is Friday - and Monday's a bank holiday.

He'd better get his boots on fast - he's already politically finished as is.

I'm trying desperately hard to recall a day when I opened the newspapers and there wasn't a rape, sexual assault, or gang-bang against little Irish children being reported. You lot are a rapey shower of fuckers, no doubt about that. In fact, as the long weekend passes and the chocolate eggs are smashed and eaten, there'll likely be another political bastard accused of another rape elsewhere.

Between banning whores, condoms, contraceptive pills, pornography, vaginal devices, and other sexual preventatives, it's no fucking wonder your children aren't safe even today.
So the Irish media are still having a hard time writing any headlines about the actual nature of Donaldson's arrest.

The rest of the world is all over it, but Ireland? The Republic? Not so much.


Rapey cunts.
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